The meals at La Cédille Immersion

All the menus are prepared daily in La Cédille Immersion’s kitchen. They are diverse, well-crafted, and balanced, offering a gateway to the cuisine of southern France, a high-quality cuisine. Around meal times, numerous conversations take place, tailored to each student’s level, providing an excellent opportunity to practice the language. Your teacher accompanies you during meals and later provides pedagogical methods in class to enhance your fluency during conversations.

I am passionate about good things and cooking. I cook using vegetables from our garden and local, organic produce, always in harmony with the seasons.

The meats, honey, eggs, and cheeses come from friends in nearby hamlets and villages.

In every dish I prepare, I try to highlight the culinary traditions of our region.

The sourdough bread, which I make myself using organic flour from Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, accompanies all our meals with simplicity and tradition.

You’ll taste numerous Provençal specialties as I prioritize culinary traditions from our region, the Mediterranean basin, and more broadly, of course, French cuisine in general.

You’ll share a family-oriented cuisine crafted with love and care, making you feel at home! And please, do not hesitate to let us know about any intolerances or specific dietary needs; we will adapt all our menus accordingly