Intensive french courses in France in your teacher's house

Intensive french courses in France with personalized instruction

All lessons are adapted to your level, pace and personal or professional goals.

There are different ways and specific syllabus adapted to each level, from beginner to advanced.

A previous webcam session (email or phone call, depending on your possibilities) toevaluate your level and together create a syllabus according to your needs.

One-to-one lessons or, if you come with more people, a maximum of 3 people per class.

A relaxed atmosphere, a dynamic, communicative and participative teaching method.

Teaching materials created specifically according to your needs.

A variety of teaching material and use of authentic documents: audio, text, video and images.

Contents combine oral expression, written expression, vocabulary, phonetics, listening comprehension, written comprehension and culture.

60 minute lessons, 1 to 3 lessons a day, depending on your level and goals; during the mornings or afternoons depending on the activities planned

Fast results and progress.

Laetitia Jourdan. Degree in French as a Foreign Language, author of teaching/learning material. General, professional and junior French, preparation for official exams. All levels from A1 to C2.

“I’m glad to give students the opportunity to receive intensive french courses in France at home in Provence . Having a degree in French as a Foreign Language, I’ve taught in the last twenty years in schools, high schools, businesses and language schools. I’m glad to be able to focus now on the needs, pace and goals of each person. It is much easier to learn when focusing on the specific, when living and “tasting” the culture, when examples arise and when our everyday life reinforces the explanations. I love both the beginner learner who is discovering and the advanced one who needs to deepen or has to face an official exam. I can adapt to your preferences, lessons can be cultural, playful, or focusing on techniques to further develop writing skills or boosting speaking, for instance.”