French classes during your french immersion program

The training and experience of your French teacher ensure high-quality lessons. The courses are tailored to all levels and objectives, respecting the needs and specificities of each individual. The content is diverse and personalized. Learning during an immersion stay is continuous and intensive. The atmosphere is relaxed, and progress is rapid.

A quality french immersion program : Your French teacher has a solid education and a lot of experience.

I am a certified teacher in French as a Foreign Language with over twenty years of experience in teaching French both in France and abroad. My teaching experience extends to bilingual middle and high schools, as well as in corporate settings and language schools. Today, I am delighted to provide students with the opportunity to learn French in France, organizing intensive french immersion program right here in my home in Provence.

A tailor-made french immersion program: French lessons that cater to everyone's needs

Our French language courses in language immersion are open to all ages, all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, proficiency, from A1 to C2), and all objectives (personal, professional, exam preparation). Whether you aim for a specific skill upgrade, improvement in writing, or overcoming oral challenges, I tailor the program according to your needs. I adapt to your pace, preferences, and requirements. These are customized lessons!

A practical french immersion stay: The conditions are ideal for learning French.

In French lessons, the atmosphere is relaxed, and I employ a dynamic, communicative, and participatory approach. In immersion, learning becomes so much easier: we are immersed in the concrete, culture is experienced, and everyday life naturally illustrates the explanations

An intensive immersion experience: French lessons are personalized, and results are achieved quickly.

The learning process is entirely tailored to your needs. I determine the course content based on the requirements identified in our conversations, and discussions serve to reinforce the lesson content. You are constantly in a learning situation, guided by your teacher. It’s a highly intensive experience!

That’s why progress is rapid, and the results are visible. It’s always a pleasure to witness!


An adapted french immersion stay: French lessons are organized according to your needs and at your own pace

You receive one-on-one lessons (or with a companion if you come with someone of the same level). Unlike group classes in a school, this allows complete focus on the needs, pace, expectations, and specificities of each individual.

You can choose to take between 1 and 4 hours of lessons per day, depending on your level and expectations. Classes can take place in the morning or afternoon, depending on planned activities.

A rich french immersion program: The content of French lessons is diverse and authentic.

In French lessons, the content combines oral expression, written expression, vocabulary, phonetics, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and culture. The materials used are varied and authentic (audio, text, video, images). I create the materials based on your needs and preferences, whether they are cultural, recreational, or more technical.