The activities of La Cédille Immersion


Authentic villages

Authentic villages You can visit numerous small, perched, and characterful villages like La Rochette, Sigale, or Aiglun, which offer stunning panoramic views. You will discover historically rich villages such as the medieval village of Entrevaux, labeled as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France” with its fortified citadel. History is also present aboard the steam train or during a visit to the eco-museum of the Roudoule region, which retraces the history of rural life.


water y activities

At Lake Castillon, as well as in the Estéron Valley, Chalvagne, or the Riolan Gorges, there are numerous beautiful spots to swim and cool off: mountain rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, and large basins. Naturally, the terrain and flowing water encourage outdoor sports activities such as kayaking or rafting descents.


Hiking for Everyone

Hiking for Everyone Our mountains offer hikes for all levels. Paths through forests, peaks with aerial views, charming corners, and impressive gorges: there’s something for everyone’s taste!


Rural Life and Local Products

Agricultural life is very prominent in the area: you can savor delicious farm products and stroll through local producer markets.