A french immersion full of new experience

Activities in la Cédille immersion

Cultural activities

Visits to typical towns

Visits to cultural places: ecomuseum, hermitage, fortress, etc.

Trip on a steam train

Gastronomical activities

Provence markets

Visits to farms and tasting of products of the area

French cooking and bread baking workshop

Sport activities



 Vía ferrata

Leisures activities

Board games

Ecological orchard

Rivers and lakes to swim in

Together we will set the activity programme to your preferences. Payment activities are at your expense. Detail of the suggested activities.

There are various paths that start directly from the house. They all offer panoramic views and lovely spots. Around the steep mountains there are many towns like La Rochette or Sigale, which are clinging to cliffs, with arches carved into the rock and dizzying views.

“Garrigue” – typical vegetation from La Provence- is thyme, boxwood, broom, holm oak and pine tree. The soil is arid, but we know where to find water. In Castillon lake, Estéron valley, la Chalvagne or the gorges of the Riolan there are many beautiful places to have a swim and freshen up: mountain rivers, big natural pools, waterfalls, ravines. Of course, the landscape and the live waters invite to practice sport activities such as kayaking, rafting, canyoning or the via ferrata of Puget-Théniers.

Here you can discover towns full of history, like the medieval city of Entrevaux, qualified as “a town and city with character”. It has narrow streets, a drawbridge, little squares, olive trees, a parapet walk, windmills and at the top of the town a fortress citadel: it’s all so beautiful!
History can also be seen aboard the steam train, in the trails of the famous “Train des Pignes” among pine trees and bordering the river Var, which connects Mercantour National Park with the Mediterranean. We can also visit the local ecomuseom “Roudoule”, which has objects of rural life and remembers the history of the region.
The agricultural world is very present in the area. We can visit nearby farms to see the animals and taste some of their products, as honey or cheese. We will also have the chance to walk in the street markets of local producers.